Few things in the world are as beautiful and alive as the love Viktor has for his wife Lia. They were gardeners, and cultivated both flowers and their eternal love for each other. Their garden was their private world, were tulips of every color grew. The orange tulips, bright as Lia’s hair, were the most beautiful of all. It was this fiery color that brought happiness to Viktor’s eyes and illuminated their garden. A garden that brought happiness and color to the city every time they sold their plants and flowers. Their life was just as they wanted, building a world together.

One day, the flowers stopped blooming, and the green slowly turned into gray. Lia had fallen ill. It was this illness that slowly took her away . Viktor now was alone to care for the garden and his wife’s memory. Being lost in this new decaying world around him weeds and over grown vines now cover the soil. Without her, the happiness Viktor’s life was gone. The only thing he had left of his wife was her tulip pin. When one day he loses the pin, Viktor desperate searched for it. The weeds and vines covered the ground and Viktor slowly cut through all of it, in search for his beloved pin. Until, a light shined through, next to pin, under all the dullness, an orange tulip grew, and he saw the bright orange of Lia’s hair in the petals of the flower. He soon realized he needed to take care of the garden, for his happiness and the memory of his wife. Viktor cleaned the garden, and he planted new seeds. He watched how slowly his plants grew once more. And now the orange tulip was not alone.  All around the orange tulip, cream colored tulips had bloomed, and he knew what they meant. Viktor knew, thanks to those tulips, that his wife was there with him and that she would love him forever. Since then, he tends to his garden because he knows that it is here where he will always be with his one true love, Lia.